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1) Greg Nikolaiev  Male
Magnolia, Texas Location
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Tuesday, May 8, 2007 09:41 PM Permalink

Sonix your sounds are,
like streams of emotions ,
flowing into the Soul,
like a million rivers,
feeding the ocean making it whole.
An aura of feeling,
A trance of love
like every single sensation,
tingling at once,
Auditory ecstacy inside my head
every part of my body caught in its web
Filling me up like a glass of good wine
I enjoy every part of it, sonix your the that great guy that picked the vine, and smashed the grapes, to make that wine, that fills me up, and helps on days, that seem so hard, my life is hell, but you make it not so bad, so keep growing those vines in your vineyard, and making that wine that is consumed when heard, I wish life was good, but at least you make it not as bad. Thanks Sonix, Probablly your # 1fan, #1 fan of your music, not a fan like those others people, screw popularity, it changes people.
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