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Sonix album Having moved to many countries and continents growing up and now residing in US, Sonix - DJ, musician, aspiring artist - can be dubbed as an international rolling stone, honing his niche in the midst of transitions. Such nomadic lifestyle has fine-tuned his musical ear and taste as distinctive and unique as his personality, distancing himself from the norm in what he plays and how he plays. His artistry shines from his worldly experience and creative nature.

In searching for his sound, Sonix has found his home in Trance. Trance and all of its forms, including Ambient and Liquid Drum & Bass, have become his musical escape to trancendental bliss in a dimension outside of the limitations of time and space.

With heavy influence from film music, Sonix has been producing a type of progressive cinematic music that is full of crescendos, epic builds, dramatic effects, harmonic melodies, deep basslines, driving arpeggios, melting sounds and effects, and much more, evoking strong emotions and nostalgic feelings, yet funky and playful at times as well. Such interaction of sounds has given his unique presentation of music its own style - reflective of his personality - with rich layering of intricate sounds and prolonged builds, like a soundtrack to life with ups and downs, surprising twists and turns, sending chills down the spine.

From his lush synths to touching melodies to heart-pounding basslines, Sonix continues to magnetize the hearts and hypnotize the minds of many fans around the world. With his radiant persona and ability to draw masses while keeping them on their toes, Sonix is definitely not to be missed -- his sets are quintessential to every Electronic listener's musical journey. Expect top-notch tunes and mixes from this crowd-pleasing sleeping giant in the years to come.

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